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If you have undergone a root canal, you're likely already very familiar with dental crowns. Crowns are one of the most common dental services offered to patients.

Crowns can be used in a variety of dental settings such as cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and general dentistry. Crowns protect and restore your natural teeth. Stopping the need for their extraction so you can avoid dental implants or bridges.

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When Is A Dental Crown Recommended

Your Cranebrook dentist will recommend a crown when:

Alternatives To Dental Crowns

Should a crown not be entirely suitable, your dentist may offer you an alternative treatment. Alternatives to crowns include state of the art dental implants, veneers, dentures and bridges. All services which our Cranebrook dental clinic can provide for patients.

How Long Does a Crown Last

When well looked after, a crown can last for many years. A high quality crown is made from porcelain or a composite of porcelain and metal, so it cannot decay. It is important to note that the tooth beneath the crown can still decay, as can the adjacent teeth.

Occasionally a dental crown may come loose due to failure of the cement used to set it in place. Rarely a crown can crack or break. In both instances, a visit to your dentist will be necessary for restorative dental care.

Practising excellent oral hygiene will help your crown last and keep your smile healthy. Our Cranebrook dental clinic can advise on best oral hygiene practices for crowns if you are unsure.

What to Expect In a Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown procedure will vary depending on the reason for it being carried out. Should your dental crown be part of a root canal procedure, there are many steps prior to the crown being fixed into place.

Crowns can be placed over teeth that have not undergone a root canal. The process once the tooth is prepared is much the same. The time involved can vary depending on the type of preparation involved.

  1.  A local anesthetic will be administered and the tooth in question will be prepared by your dentist. This involves removing the outer layer of the tooth and shaping it. The crown will be made to the same thickness as the original tooth.
  2. A temporary dental crown may be applied to the tooth stump while the permanent crown is made. A mould will be made of the tooth and sent to a specialist technician who creates the crown. The crown will be matched to the surrounding teeth to ensure it looks natural.
    Crowns cannot be whitened, so should you wish to have a teeth whitening treatment, it needs to be done before having a crown fitted.
  3. The temporary crown will be removed and the new high quality crown is fitted. Your dentist will use dental adhesive or cement to do this.

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