Children's Dentist in Cranebrook

Whether it is your first child or you’ve been down this road before, as a parent, you want the best for your children’s teeth. Just as a pediatrician specialises in treating and understanding childhood illnesses and issues, a children's dentist specialises in pediatric oral issues. Scheduling an appointment with a quality children's dentist - Cranebrook Dental is the first step in protecting your child's teeth.

How Is Children’s Dentistry Different From General Dentistry?

Ultimately all dentists can care for your children’s teeth. However, a children’s dentist is uniquely positioned to do so as they have had additional training. This additional training provides them with insights on how to manage children’s behaviour, methods to keep them calm and the tools to create a positive experience. It also gives them unique insights into the needs of children and dental health issues common to their age.

Children’s dentists will often use a technique called “TELL, SHOW, DO” while treating your child:

This helps children feel secure and informed about what is happening in their mouths. We believe children are deserving of as much explanation and information as an adult patient. When children feel their concerns are respected and acknowledged, they are much less likely to feel distressed.

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

A large part of what we offer as part of our children’s dentistry services at Cranebrook Dental is preventative dentistry. The secret to a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime isn’t so secret! We believe in educating your children to care for their teeth from an early age.

A visit to the dentist every 6 to 12 months for a check and clean is a great way to ensure strong healthy teeth. It also helps your child form a great relationship with their dentist.

Should we deem it necessary, as part of our children’s dental services, we may offer your child a fluoride treatment or the option to seal some teeth that are difficult to clean properly. In this way, we can try to avoid painful cavities or decayed teeth in the future.

Why Choose Cranebrook Dental Clinic For Your Child

One of our main focuses at Cranebrook Dental is on changing patient perspectives around visiting the dentist. We work hard to keep our dental clinic a welcoming, reassuring space. From the moment your child arrives we want them to feel safe and happy.

As part of this, when treating children we prioritise the use of fun, positive language when discussing the procedure and its stages. We involve children in what we are doing as much as possible and encourage them to interact with us and ask questions.

We will do whatever we can to build trust and establish communication with your child. From funny faces, silly noises, quirky questions and more, we will do whatever is needed to help your child feel relaxed and safe. From general children’s dentistry such as check-ups to more complicated procedures, our goal is for your child to be comfortable.

For parents, we promise to uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty with every consultation. We will never recommend unnecessary work and will never force your child to undergo a procedure. You as much as your child should feel safe and welcome when in our care.

Our Friendly Dental Team Loves Working With Children

It is not just our dentists that love working with children, it’s our whole team. From our friendly reception staff to our nurses, we want your child to have fun in our care. We enjoy being at work and we want your children to feel the same way when they visit our dental clinic.

Our children’s dentists in Cranebrook are the experts at keeping your child calm and reassured during dental work and teaching them to practice great oral hygiene.

We Also Welcome Patients From the Following Areas

If you do not have access to quality family dental care or a children’s dentist in your area and wish to visit Cranebrook Dental with your child, we also accept patients from the following nearby areas:

Helping your child form lifelong habits for a healthy smile is our passion. At Cranebrook Dental we look forward to welcoming your child and taking care of their oral health. Book an appointment with one of our friendly Children’s dentists today and experience the Cranebrook Dental difference.