Dental Check Up And Clean

The key to maintaining oral health isn't just in following a great oral hygiene routine at home. One of the most important steps you can take to avoid problems with your teeth is to visit your dentist for a regular check up and clean.

A dental check up and clean should be performed at least once a year, with twice being optimal. It is the foundation of good dentistry and proper dental care.

If you're due for a visit to the dentist for a check up and clean, call Cranebrook Dentist today to make an appointment.

Why a Regular Dental Check Up And Clean is Important

Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth is a great habit to be in, however even the most dedicated of us cannot adequately clean our teeth. It is also impossible to properly check your own teeth for signs of decay or damage. A visit to our dental clinic doesn’t just help your teeth, it may also help patients manage or avoid:
Prevention is always better than a cure. If avoiding more invasive dental procedures is important to you, you should prioritise regular dental treatments such as a check up and clean.

What Happens During a Dental Check Up And Clean Appointment

A dental check up and clean is a quick and painless dental treatment. At your appointment, your dentist will start by performing a thorough inspection of your teeth.

Using a small pick and a mirror, they will check the visible surface of every tooth and depth of any cracks or crevices. By doing this they are able to identify any cavities, decay, weak spots in the enamel or signs of infection.

If you haven’t had dental x rays recently, your dentist may take some to add to your patient file to provide a record of your teeth. This shows up any past dental work as well as any hidden decay between teeth which is not visible to the naked eye.

Once done, your dentist will scale and polish your teeth.

This is done using a small tool called a dental scaler, it scrapes away hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth. Special attention is usually paid to the area around the gums as this is where gum disease is most likely to occur. Most scalers also spray a small, high pressure stream of water. This helps clean between the teeth and thoroughly clean the surface of the tooth, including in all-natural crevices.

This is done using a tool similar to an electric toothbrush, the teeth are buffed and polished to remove any superficial stains. For deeper staining you may like to discuss teeth whitening, this falls under cosmetic dentistry.

Your dentist will also floss between your teeth and finish by giving your smile a fluoride treatment. Regular fluoride treatments provide your teeth enamel with added strength and helps to prevent future cavities.

Quality Dental Care In Cranebrook

Make an appointment with Cranebrook Dental today and experience a range of quality dental services. Our friendly team is always ready to welcome new and repeat patients for a check up and clean. Should patients require it, we also offer a range of other dentistry treatments such as dental implants, x ray, cosmetic dentistry and more.

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