Digital Smile Design Cranebrook

Are you considering investing in your smile? Are you unsure which treatment you should pursue? Would you like to see what your new smile will look like prior to work beginning? With Digital Smile Design at Cranebrook Dental, you can be actively involved in planning the design of your new smile. You can also review its finished look in detail before any work is done.

If you would like to see what DSD technology could do for your smile, call Cranebrook Dental today. Undergo a Digital Smile Design session and experience this technology first-hand.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Developed by Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design uses state of the art, digital technology and videography to analyse in-depth the facial and dental structures of a patient. It offers the most modern, patient-centred treatment planning available.

Patients can view the results of their dental treatment and what it will look like in detail before it has even begun. It can also help dentists overcome challenges in how to correct issues with tooth placement and damage.

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

Digital Smile Design dsd, works by creating a 3D simulation of a patient dental and facial structure. Detailed measurements and images are fed into the software which then analyses the data and uses it to make suggestions about treatment options. Your dentist then collates these options and assesses their viability in conjunction with your hoped-for outcome.

During a consultation you will:

Have digital scans, videos and photos of your upper and lower teeth as well as your whole face. This will include your eyes, cheeks and lips. This is to ensure all areas of the face involved in smiling and speaking included in the analysis.

Be presented with a 3D simulation of your face and smile. Your dentist will suggest a variety of treatment options and demonstrate their results by altering your digital image.
Have the opportunity to participate in the design of your smile by choosing which treatments and results you most prefer.

Be presented with a final plan for your new smile. Your dentist will not proceed with any work until all costs, timelines and procedures have met with your approval

The Benefits of Using DSD

There really is no end to the benefits of using Digital Smile Design. Who doesn’t want to try before they buy? Digital Smile Design offers a completely custom made approach to your smile.

Your smile is part of what makes you so unique, so any work carried out needs to reflect your individuality. Our dentists know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to cosmetic dentistry and that all work needs to be carefully considered. When a patient’s unique dental and facial structure is ignored, the resulting work looks unnatural.

Using DSD your dentist’s job is easier and your best, most natural smile is prioritised. The last thing you want is a smile that looks like it belongs in someone else’s mouth.

Using Digital Smile Design means:

Let Cranebrook Dental Design Your Perfect Smile

Dentistry techniques and technology have advanced rapidly in the past decade. At Cranebrook Dental, we are committed to offering the most state of the art technology to our patients. This is why we include Digital Smile Design DSD in our cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Whether you are a new patient or one of our existing patients, we know the importance of perfecting your smile design. DSD offers an enhanced dental experience and helps our dentists achieve high-quality results.

Your Cranebrook Dental dentist can walk you through the process step by step. Providing a clear idea of what your new smile will look like. Not sure you can afford your dream digital smile? We offer a range of payment plans and options to suit all our patient's circumstances. Make an appointment with Cranebrook Dental and arrange a DSD consultation at our practice. Start working towards the smile you want, today!

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