Fluoride Treatment Cranebrook

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps build strong teeth and prevent cavities. Fluoride also helps your body fight off the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Fluoride can also help lessen tooth sensitivity. It is regularly used in a general dental setting as part of general dentistry services.

An annual fluoride treatment from your dentist should be part of your oral health plan. Contact Cranebrook Dental today to book your fluoride treatment.

Benefits Of A Dental Clinic Fluoride Treatment

There are so many benefits to having a fluoride treatment at the dentist. Fluoride cannot remove decay. But it can strengthen your teeth to inhibit the progression of decay. Should you have a diet high in sugar or acidic food, fluoride can help repair the damage done to teeth surfaces.

Studies have shown that together, fluoridated drinking water and fluoride toothpaste can reduce the incidence of cavities by 40-60%. Regular fluoride treatments at a dental clinic can reduce this even further.

In our day-to-day lives, we intake fluoride through:

On their own, these fluoride intakes aren’t enough to provide optimal oral health. This is why dental strength fluoride treatments are advisable. We will always offer this to patients at our Cranebrook dental practice as part of treatment.

You can have a dental clinic strength fluoride treatment every 3, 6 or 12 months. Frequency will depend on your level of oral health. If you are particularly susceptible to cavities, your dentist may recommend the use of a home fluoride treatment.

Patients who opt for fluoride treatments are less likely to lose adult teeth due to decay. Thereby avoiding more invasive work in future. Work such as restorative dental (including dental implants) or the need for dentures.

A fluoride treatment is usually applied as part of your general dental check-up and clean. It may also form part of other quality dental services such as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry or root canal therapy. If having dental implants, your dentist may suggest a fluoride treatment to improve the strength of surrounding teeth.

Fluoride treatments can be applied as a rinse, foam or gel applied via a mouthwash, swab or tray. Dental clinic applied fluoride treatments take only minutes to do and cause no pain or discomfort. Following the treatment, you will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for up to half an hour. This is to allow the fluoride ample time to absorb into the surface of your teeth.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects To Fluoride?

Overexposure to fluoride is rare and not a risk when having dental treatment.

Excessive fluoride can cause:

Overexposure in children can cause problems with development in bones and teeth. This is why fluoride is usually not an ingredient in children’s toothpaste. Due to this, it may not form part of their Cranebrook Dental treatment plan, your dentist will advise.

Any fluoride supplements or treatments given to you by your dentist should be kept out of reach of children at all times.

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Booking a fluoride treatment as part of a regular check-up and clean forms the basis of great dental care. At Cranebrook dental we offer quality dentistry to patients in Cranebrook, Penrith and surrounds. Whether you see us for a cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth whitening or restorative dental, our Cranebrook dental clinic has your best smile in mind.

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