Our General Dental Services

Have you been putting off having your teeth checked? Looking for a general dentist in Cranebrook? Schedule your visit for a general dental visit today with Cranebrook Dental, we offer a range of general dentistry services. Making an appointment for quality dental care in Cranebrook is your first step to better oral health and a great smile.

Wisdom teeth can be painful and troublesome, we offer expert and gentle solutions to remove them for you under local anesthetic.

We provide you with quality aftercare to ensure optimal healing and reduce the risk of health complications. Should you need surgical removal under general anesthetic, your dentist can discuss your options for this also.

Extractions can be required for many reasons. This may be due to the death of the tooth, making room for other teeth, dental implants, or to remove broken teeth. They are usually performed under local anesthetic.

Should you require a more complex extraction, your dentist will advise you as to the best course of action. We will also advise as to best practices for aftercare to ensure optimal healing.

Quick and simple to carry out taking minimal time, filling a tooth helps prevent further decay. Your dentist will clean and prepare the tooth cavity before using a dental filling material such as gold, amalgam, porcelain or a white resin composite to fill it.

Small, uncomplicated fillings may not require anesthetic, though anesthetic is readily available for this procedure if needed or preferred. Your Cranebrook dentist can advise the best course of action.

Root canal therapy is performed on a tooth when the pulp inside the tooth is infected, which can lead to an abscess. Most often this occurs when the decay of a tooth has been ignored for too long without resolution.

The tooth is carefully cleaned out by your dentist and all signs of infection removed before being filled or capped with a crown. Root canal therapy is a highly effective way to save a tooth that may otherwise be removed.

Ideally, a dental check-up and clean should be performed every 6-12 months unless you experience unexpected pain or sensitivity in the mouth. If this occurs, you should contact your dentist clinic sooner to check the health of your teeth.

At your check-up, your dentist may x-ray your mouth to check for changes in your teeth. They will also carry out a visual inspection to look for any decay or damage. 

A clean and polish are then carried out to remove any plaque build-up and ensure the health of the gums. This also aids in whitening your teeth and improves the appearance of your smile. Fluoride may be applied to aid in strengthening the enamel of your teeth. A check-up is your best defence against future dental issues.

Dental x-rays or OPGs are quick and painless. Our Cranebrook dentists use x-ray technology to review any past dental work, check for issues hidden beneath the gum (such as impacted teeth or abscesses) and more easily see decay between teeth.

X-rays can also be used as a tool to review placement of dental implants, help plan for cosmetic dentistry or future orthodontic work or to monitor the progress of existing orthodontics.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that aids in building healthy teeth and helps prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments are painless and take just a few minutes to carry out. A fluoride treatment may be recommended by your Cranebrook dentist for several reasons. These may include:

Mouthguards can help relieve obstructive sleep apnoea, which is caused by upper airway obstruction. Sleep apnoea is a serious health concern. A custom made mouthguard is made by your dentist to push your lower jaw and tongue forward while you sleep, keeping your airways open.

Why Choose Cranebrook Dental

At Cranebrook Dental we understand that even general dentistry can cause anxiety for some patients. Our focus is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible, ensuring you feel safe. We believe this is the best way to achieve optimal results and ensure you do not put off future dental work.

We are committed to providing affordable, general dentistry in Cranebrook, without compromising on the quality of care or materials used.  We also offer additional dental services beyond general dentistry, such as teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry, so all your dental needs can be met at our clinic. Our goal is for you to live without tooth pain or discomfort, and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our Friendly Dental Team

Our team is made up of highly skilled and compassionate professionals with decades of combined experience. We are specialised in caring for all ages from infants to the elderly and take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our patients. Caring for your teeth throughout your lifetime is our passion.

Keeping you as calm and comfortable as possible while we carry out quality dental procedures is our teams promise to you. We are the number one general dentist in Cranebrook for this reason.

Don’t Live In Cranebrook? We Also Welcome Patients From the Following Surrounding Areas

Our care for our patients extends beyond our immediate area, this is why our Cranebrook dental practice also offers general dentistry and related dental services to other nearby areas such as:

Book your appointment for general dentistry in Cranebrook today and experience the Cranebrook Dental difference, your best smile is just a phone call away.