Dental X-ray (OPG)

X rays are at the centre of great technology when it comes to our health. Dental x rays in particular allow your dentist to diagnose and manage a wide range of tooth related health issues. Without dental x rays, your dentist would be unable to see hidden decay between teeth, impacted teeth deep in your jaw or any bone loss. Dental x rays also provide a great health record for your teeth that your dentist can use to refer back to.

Cranebrook Dental uses the most up to date technology to x ray our patients. Should you need a quality dental x ray, contact us today to make an appointment.

What Is A Dental OPG

A dental x ray, also known as an OPG (Orthopantomagram) is a panoramic or ‘wide-view’ x ray of your jaw and teeth from ear to ear. OPG’s and other dental x ray technology uses a minimal and safe amount of radiation to capture the xray.

An OPG allows your dentist to see all your teeth in the upper and lower jaw on a single film. The number, position and growth of your teeth (including those not yet erupted) are all visible on an OPG.

Things your dentist can see on a Dental x ray include:

What Happens During a Dental X Ray

There are a few types of dental x ray with the process used differing depending on which one your dentist recommends.
Your dentist may take an x ray as part of your general check-up – particularly if it is your first visit or as part of diagnosis and treatment planning.


During an OPG x ray, you will be asked to stand or sit in front of the x ray machine and to place your chin in a plastic rest. You are then given a small, disposable plastic mouthpiece to bite down on while the machine rotates around your head and captures the image.

Bitewing X Ray

Bitewing x rays show only one section of the mouth at a time, during a bitewing xray, you will remain in the dentist chair. Your dentist will have you bite down on a small plate of x ray film and a small x ray unit will be focused on the outer cheek area before the image is captured with a simple click. The image is then developed and read by your dentist.

Digital X Ray

Digital x ray is similar to a bitewing x ray in that you will be asked to bite down on a small plate or have a digital probe positioned in your mouth. The plate, however, is a digital imaging plate. This means that the images are captured and transmitted directly to your dentist’s system for review. Dental x rays are quick, painless and safe.

Get Your Dental X Rays At Cranebrook Dental

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