About Us

Who We Are

Cranebrook Dental is a family friendly practice with decades of combined experience in providing outstanding quality care and customer service. Our team is caring, conscientious and highly skilled. We uphold the highest standards of welfare and care for our patients.

At Cranebrook Dental, we are especially invested in building relationships with our patients. Our staff both live and work within the Cranebrook community, which is why our care extends beyond our clinic. Including education about best practices for dental care at home too. 

No matter the age or needs of our patients, we value the trust placed in us and our aim is to continue to repay that trust with an outstanding level of care.

How We Work

Our focus is and always has been on breaking the stigma and fear associated with dentist visits. Our staff are committed to transparency and compassion at all times, taking the time to explain any necessary dental work you need. We will never carry out a procedure without your consent. Our staff take your discomfort seriously and will do everything they can to reassure you.

Do you have fears or phobias associated with dentists? We encourage you to visit us so we can show you around the clinic. Helping you form new, positive associations is the first step in breaking free of these anxieties. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and want you to be completely at ease in our care.

The Cranebrook Dental Difference

The combination of expert dental work and genuine patient care is what sets us apart. We believe quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. Your financial situation should never leave you having to compromise on the level of care, materials used or skill level of staff.

Helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy and pain-free smile, without stress or fear, is our commitment to you.