No Gap Dentist Cranebrook

Did you know that most private health funds offer you preventative dental care with zero out of pocket costs?

This is what is more commonly referred to as 'no-gaps dental'.

At Cranebrook Dental, we are committed to offering our patients affordable dental care.  This is why we proudly offer no gap dental services. So you can experience general and preventative dental at no charge. Call today to book an appointment, quality no gaps dental services are guaranteed.

What Is No Gap Dental?

A ‘no Gap’ policy means that if your private Health Insurance pays the full benefit for general and preventative dental treatment, your dentist will not charge you a ‘gap’ amount. This ‘gap’ is the difference between the cost of your treatment, and any health insurance rebate received.

Health funds recognise that prevention of major dental is in both your and their favour. This is why so many provide no gaps treatment in conjunction with your local family dental practice.

Our No Gap Policy

To qualify for no gaps dentistry services you must meet some basic conditions:

Our No Gap Dental Procedures

We offer the following no gaps treatments at our Cranebrook dental clinic:

During your general dental consultation, a routine dental check will be performed on your teeth. Your dentist will visually inspect your teeth using a dental pick and mirror to go over all surfaces.

This preventative dentistry treatment focuses on removing hardened plaque from the teeth. The teeth are also thoroughly cleaned and polished to help remove superficial stains. For an even brighter smile, you may like to discuss cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening with your dentist.

Dental x rays such as OPG and bitewing x rays are a great diagnostic tool. Used by dentists to check for hidden cavities, impacted teeth, abscesses and more, x rays also create a visual record of your smile. This makes it easy for your dentist to track the progress of your teeth over time.

Dental x rays are quick, painless and perfectly safe for you and your family.

Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth enamel so that decay is less able to penetrate into the tooth. Preventing cavities means less likelihood of further dental issues. So you can avoid more in-depth dental treatments with your dentist in future.

Cranebrook Dental, Your First Choice For No Gaps Dental In Cranebrook

Located in Cranebrook, our state of the art dental clinic offers a range of quality dental care services. Our specialist dental team can handle more than just no gaps treatment and general check ups. Our dental practice also offers dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign and so much more.

Your dental health and confidence in your smile are important to us. Book an appointment today with our clinic and experience a warm welcome and high quality care from your very first visit. That’s the Cranebrook Dental difference.